Speaking through the voice of another V

I am seeking translators or bilingual or multilingual individuals to participate in my next project.

I am looking for individuals to select a particular word, phrase or concept in English or another language that you consider ‘untranslatable’, does not have a ‘natural equivalent’, is ambiguous or cannot be translated, described or interpreted easily.[1]

I want to enter into a dialogue with a number of people, in person, via audio recordings,  email, Skype or other forms of correspondence, which involves unpicking and trying to make sense of the ‘chosen’ term thus highlighting the difficulties of intercultural communication and the contingent and polyvocal nature of translation.  This process can be seen as a homage to Heidegger’s dialogue about the Japanese term ‘Iki’ in ‘Dialogue on Language – between a Japanese and an Inquirer’ (1984)[2].

I will develop an artwork from these encounters and communications that will form part of a my ongoing series of works for my PhD

If you are willing to participate or would like further information please contact me via email h.connelly2@lboro.ac.uk

[1] For example there is no ‘single’ equivalent term to translate the word uncanny into Swedish, thus the concept and the significance of the word needs to be explicated and examined in depth within a conversation or text (in reference to Johanna Hällsten’s PhD research).
[2] On the way to language New York: Harper One, pp. 1-54. (translated by Peter D. Hurst, first published in 1971).
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One Response to Speaking through the voice of another V

  1. hconnelly says:

    Thank you to everyone who has responded/participated in this … I have been working with the data and it has become part of my overall research project as opposed to a specific work. I have noticed common issues and am inviting people to write short paragraphs containing ‘untranslatables’ to be translated in numerous ways through various languages. If anyone is interested in being involved please email at: hconnelly2@lboro.ac.uk. Thanks Heather

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