InDialogue was founded in 2011 and is co directed and curated by Nottingham based artists and researchers Rhiannon Jones and Dr Heather Connelly. It is run on a not-for-profit basis which works in partnerships with Nottingham Contemporary (2012, 14 &16), Dance 4 (2014 & 16), Nottingham City Council (2016), independent artists studios Primary (2012 &14) and Backlit (2014).

InDialogue is a platform for artists and researchers, which hosts a biannual International Symposium every two years in Nottingham, UK. Each iteration of InDialogue features a guest curator. In 2016, this will be artist Rachelle Viader Knowles, Senior Lecturer and Course Director of Fine Art, Coventry University.

As an organisation InDialogue aims to interrogate how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice. It does this through a series of interdisciplinary events including paper presentations, discussions, performances/live art, communal meals and live music that take place across the city of Nottingham. Our aim is to create a dialogue between the different applications and understandings of the term ‘dialogue’, considering how differences, commonalities and diverse approaches in understanding and articulating the theme can lead to new ways of thinking and making.

InDialogue the only platform I know of that provides a space for substantive international exchange on issues associated with dialogue, across the boundaries of visual art, theatre and performance studies. It provides a rare opportunity for researchers and artists in all of these disciplines to learn from each other and does a great deal to advance the critical conversation in this burgeoning field. As dialogue and participation become ever more central methods across the arts and humanities events like InDialogue will only become more important. (Grant Kester 2015)

The event is structured around three thematic panels that are framed by the independent curators research interests, they comprise of presentations and discussions from internationally reknown artists and to open up and provoke discussions on the phenomenon. In 2016 these are likely to be InDialogue and The Artistry of Conversation, InDialogue, Translation and Intercultural Communication and InDialogue and online politics of practice. 

The event also includes presentations, performances and papers selected from an open call that attracts a global audience to broaden its scope and extend the debate. This encourages alternative and innovative approaches and has included, workshops, films, free runners, interactive Skype performances and activities, specially designed board games and interventions in addition to papers and presentations by renown academics and performers.

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