InDialogue 2012

Nottingham 30th & 31st August 2012

In Dialogue was a two day International Symposium, that took place at three sites across the city of Nottingham, day one was hosted by Nottingham Contemporary and day two at Primary (a new artist led space in Nottingham), with a communal evening meal for symposium delegates at St Christophers Community Hall in Sneinton. The event was co –curated by Heather Connelly, Viviana Checchia and Rhiannon Slade and the event was chaired by Dr Anna Ball. It was supported by Loughborough University and Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Our aims were to bring together regional, national and international researchers, artists, cultural producers, academics to participate in two days of provocations, discussions and interruptions that explore dialogue through dialogue.

  • To focus on dialogue as:
    • knowledge and production
    • artistic and curatorial process
    • interactive and collaborative practice
    • translation and intercultural communication
    • methodology
  • To create a dialogue between the different applications and understanding of the term ‘dialogue’, considering differences, commonalities and how a discussion of this can lead to new ways of working and the creation of new knowledge.
  • To create a dynamic event that will create a rigorous debate about dialogue in theory and practice through dialogue.
  • Examining what can be learned from operating, delivering and performing dialogically whilst discussing the concept and practice itself.
  • To enhance our own and others Professional development by creating an opportunity to disseminate our research, network and share ideas with like-minded individuals.
  • To take advantage of each others experience, connections and extend links with Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Contemporary, Primary and international partners.
  • To increase visibility- creating an opportunity for PGR’s to showcase and discuss their research and activities.

The Event

We deliberately chose to host a two-day event and encouraged participants and delegates to attend both days and evening meal so that the dialogue could develop and grow over the two days.

We received a large number of proposals from an open call, these came from a wide geographical spread nationally and internationally and many came from collaborative duo’s and collectives. We eventually selected 15 proposals and 13 performance, workshops and presentations took place over the two days.

The first day was structured around three panels facilitated by each of the curators, which included skype participants.

Panel 1: Translation as Dialogue

Katerina Zdjelar                                                                                 Clare Charnley

This panel consisted of screenings and presentations from artists Clare Charnley and Katerina Zdjelar (via Skype) and Translation scholar Dr Alex Mevel (University of Nottingham). It set out to consider what happens when translation is conceptualized as dialogue, foregrounding the contingent and relational activities of intercultural communication? What can be learned when both the source and the target language remain open and willing to be altered through an interaction with an ’other’ (Linnel 2009)? and what new knowledge is being created about translation through artistic practice?

Dr Alex Mevel

I delivered a brief introduction to the topic and my research, which was followed by screenings and a discussion of the artists own works in relation the questions posed. Dr Alex Mével then contextualised Translation as Dialogue from a Translation Studies perspective before responding to the artists work, I was curious to find out his perspective on the artists approach to translation in order to test out my hypothesis.

Panel 2: Dialogue as a Curatorial/Artistic Process.

panel 2                                                                                          A Girl, the Sun and an Airplane Airplane by Katerina Zdjelar.

This panel was facilitated by Viviana Checchia and Alexandra Ross with panelists with Mirna Bamieh (Palestine), Bisan Abu Eisheh (Palestine), Fucking Good Art, (Rotterdam) and Katerina Zdjelar (Serbia/Rotterdam) on skype. It took the format of an open working session in which they discussed the tendency of homogenization and hegemonization in art and how can a dialogical curatorial/artistic practice interfere in dynamics of normalization in art?.

Panel 3: Performing Dialogue

John Newling, Rhiannon Slade with WochenKlausur and the Harrisons on Skype

Panelists Martina Reuter and Manfred Rainer from WochenKlausur, Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison and John Newling each presented their latest work. Collectively their practice shares a common concern for the public interest which is activated through their use of the dialogic. This panel was chaired by Rhiannon Slade, she facilitated a conversation between artists, countries, time zones and sites to discuss the use of conversation as a method to generate art practice.

There were also performances by Steve Fossey, Trio Collective, Bartum and O’Neill, Tom Estes, 20//20 and Rachel Parry over the day, and a book produced by Matthews and Allen.

In the evening we all walked to St Christophers Hall in Sneinton, for a home cooked communal meal of carrot, honey and cashew curry with brown rice and salad prepared for us by Marsha’s Secret Kitchen on trestle tables in a church hall: a perfect antidote to the theory heavy, hi-tech presentations at Nottingham Contemporary.

Communial meal with Marsha’s secret kitchen cafe at St Christophers Hall, Sneinton, Nottingham

Day two at Primary was far more relaxed with 3 presentations from Traci Kelly, Helena Tomlin, 20//20 in the morning, performances throughout the day from Simon Withers, Miffy Ryan, Tom Estes and Rachel Parry, followed by two parallel workshops: Don’t make notes, note quotes by Rotterdam based group Fucking Good Art and Enlarged Listening by Nottingham based artist Rebecca Beinart in the afternoon and a participatory performance by Julie Fournier Lévesque via skype, from Montreal.

Undictation performance by Julie Fournier Lévesque at Primary (1) and in Montreal (2)

Simon Withers                                                                               workshop with Fucking Good Art

The event was extremely well received and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who contributed to its success.

You can find further details of the event at:

The web stream of the 1st day of the event can watched online at:

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