InDialogue 2016

Pleased to announce the call for Papers: InDialogue 2016:  

1st December – 4th December 2016

in dialogue logoHosted by Nottingham Contemporary, supported by Dance4 & Nottingham City Council.

The call invites performance, papers, presentations and provocations, creative and challenging responses that respond to the themes and contexts outlined below. You are encouraged to consider alternative ways to present your work/research making use of the various venues and interstitial spaces, to intervene and compliment the structure and nature of the symposium (coffee breaks and the journeys between venues etc.).

We welcome considerations on the themes below, although this is by no means exhaustive:

InDialogue and:

Transcultural and mediated communication

  • The artistry of conversation through time and space
  • Participatory platforms and collaborative practice
  • Artistic, curatorial, interactive and transdisciplinary practices
  • Haptic and performative methods
  • Research methodology, knowledge and production

Applicants are encouraged to respond to the call in a number of ways:

  • Work in progress
  • Experimental works that use the symposia as a means of testing out new ideas or works
  • Performance
  • Academic papers
  • Workshops

Apply online:

Deadline for proposals: 31st March 2016

Notification of acceptance: 1st May 2016

For further information contact:

(N.B. we aim to answer your enquiries within 5 days)

Further information about this event and its previous iterations is available online:


Attendance: InDialogue was created as a supportive platform for presenters to share their research, to provide an opportunity for artists and researchers to engage with each other in a transdisciplinary, international environment conducive to making new connections. Therefore presenters and delegates are expected to be present and to participate in all 3 days of the symposium, encouraging interaction and to develop an ongoing dialogue between participants 

Costs: Please note that there are no artist’s fees associated with this event and presenters will have to pay a nominal fee to attend this event, in addition to covering their own travel and accommodation.

InDialogue is supported in kind by the venues and the costs cover some refreshments and a communal meal. We are in the process of applying for funding and details of the conference fees will be announced in March 2016. We have negotiated discounted rates on local hotels and letters of support/invitation for successful applicants to use to raise their own funding.

InDialogue 2016 will take place in the city of Nottingham, UK. InDialogue 2016 is curated by founders Dr Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones with invited guest curator Rachelle Viader Knowles.

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In Dialogue symposium – Nottingham 2nd – 5th October 2014

in dialogue logo

Just putting together the programme for the second In Dialogue symposium which has grown in scale – with many international participants. 

Visit for updates and further info.

Registration has just opened and there are very limited tickets available for those who want to participate but are not presenting.


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Speaking through the voice of another experiments at NTU Summer Lodge

  summer lodge arboretum

I have just spent 2 weeks in residence at NTU. Which I spent developing ‘This is me’ performance – exchanging 5.1 surround sound speakers for live performers. Further documentation of the residency can be seen at


summer lodge 2 small

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Speaking through the voice of another VII at Liquid Borders International Expo, Bari, Italy

I have adapted the performance piece This is me as a stand alone surround sound work for this exhibition.

Liquid Borders | Bari 2013

“La Corte – Fotografia e ricerca” cultural organization and International ArtExpo are proud to announce the opening of Liquid Borders – International art festival of photography, video art and installation, held in Bari (Italy) in the prestigious and historical locations of Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle), Santa Teresa dei Maschi and Sala Murat, from the 3rd to the 31st of July.

The Festival is based on the main concept of the hybridization among art, culture, physical and social identities in contemporary cities, and the mixing between people and space. Urban environments, people, rules and limits are no more distinct realities, but they constantly modify and get mixed together, generating new connections and hybrid results, with undefined ethic, social, sexual and religious borders. Forty-one artists, from all over the world, have been invited to present their artworks related to the theme, during the festival which will be hosted in the three venues of the city of Bari, until the end of July. The aim of the festival is to understand which are the borders still alive in contemporary metropolis, and which ones have become undefined and hybrid. To understand that, artists use material, pictures, sounds, videos and site-specific installations.Fausta Maria Bolettieri and Luca Curci, curators.

The installation “Extemporary blankets” by Emanuele Saracino will be connected with the sound-art artwork “This is me – Speaking through the voice of another” by Heather Connelly, in the Sala Murat.


Castello Svevo. Everyday, 9.00 AM – 6.30 PM
Sala Murat. From Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 AM – 1.00 PM, 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM
Santa Teresa dei Maschi. From Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM – 2.00 PM; Tuesday and Thursday, 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM

for further information visit

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Speaking through the voice of another in Cardiff

I have just presented my research project at

Translations: Exchange of Ideas – An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, Cardiff University, Wales UK

June 26th – 28th 2013

Speaking through the voice of another: an exploration of translation through art practice

I devised and presented a performative text, a fusion of theory and practice – based on my third chapter as part of a panel on Bilingual and Monolingual approaches to translation.

Speaking through the voice of another – Screening and discussion group

Screen a number of artists video/performance work whose practices deal with the practice of translation and interpretation in order to facilitate an open discussion with the delegates about what issues the works provoked about translation for them.

The  interdisciplinary conference was inspirational!

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This is me workshop for the World Event Young Artists 2012

This Friday 7-16th September 1000 young artists from 100 countries descend upon Nottingham for 10 days

I have invited the visiting artists to participate in workshops on 10th – 11th September to develop ‘This is me’ into a live, ‘choral’ work.  We will spend a couple of hours together exploring different possibilities of working with different language speakers – experimenting and discussing alternative outcomes….watch this space!

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Bodies in Translation – 7th September 2012

I have been invted to perform, present, discuss and workshop at the Bodies in translation – AHRC Workshop(CRCEES, Glasgow) part of their Translating Cultures programme coordinated by Cynthia Marsh from the University of Nottingham.

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