Speaking through the voice of another VII: who speaks?

I will be developing, adapting and performing this work at the 1st Nottingham Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Conference on Translation Studies at the University of Nottingham on Wednesday 20th June 2012.

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Call for proposals for ‘In Dialogue’ symposium 30th-31st August 2012

I am co-curating a two-day event investigating Dialogue as a research methodology, in artist practice etc. at Nottingham Contemporary and Primary, with an evening event and communal meal at a local community centre.

I will be facilitating a panel discussion which will focus upon translation as dialogue and how artists use translation as part of their art praxis: invited guests include Clare Charnley and Katerina Zdjelar.

Please visit   http://indialogue2012.wordpress.com/ for further information and details of call.

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This is me: Who is Speaking

I am presenting a new work at the Art In Translation Conference at Reykjavik, Iceland 26th May 2012.  This performative work uses live and recorded audio, mine and others.  For more information please see Practice.

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Speaking through the voice of another V update

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my call and participated in this project so far … I have been working with the data/comments gathered and these have become integrated into my overall research project as opposed to becoming a stand alone work.

What I did notice was that there were common issues/things that were ‘untranslatable’ and I am currently writing texts that incorporate some of these to be translated.  These dialogues have led me to consider particular grammatic and linguistic constructs and the role of subjectivity and deixis within translation and cross cultural communication.

I am now inviting people to collaborate with me in constructing short paragraphs which deliberately contain these ‘untranslatables’. If anyone is interested in being involved please email at: hconnelly2@lboro.ac.uk. Thanks as always! Heather

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Speaking through the voice of another VI

I will be performing my latest experimental piece and delivering a short paper at the Translation in the Digital age: Perspectives on practice – International On-Line Conference in Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Centre for translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies, University of Salford on Friday 21st October 2011.  You can register and participate online at http://virtual-doc.salford.ac.uk/octis/

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Speaking through the voice of another V

I am seeking translators or bilingual or multilingual individuals to participate in my next project.

I am looking for individuals to select a particular word, phrase or concept in English or another language that you consider ‘untranslatable’, does not have a ‘natural equivalent’, is ambiguous or cannot be translated, described or interpreted easily.[1]

I want to enter into a dialogue with a number of people, in person, via audio recordings,  email, Skype or other forms of correspondence, which involves unpicking and trying to make sense of the ‘chosen’ term thus highlighting the difficulties of intercultural communication and the contingent and polyvocal nature of translation.  This process can be seen as a homage to Heidegger’s dialogue about the Japanese term ‘Iki’ in ‘Dialogue on Language – between a Japanese and an Inquirer’ (1984)[2].

I will develop an artwork from these encounters and communications that will form part of a my ongoing series of works for my PhD

If you are willing to participate or would like further information please contact me via email h.connelly2@lboro.ac.uk

[1] For example there is no ‘single’ equivalent term to translate the word uncanny into Swedish, thus the concept and the significance of the word needs to be explicated and examined in depth within a conversation or text (in reference to Johanna Hällsten’s PhD research).
[2] On the way to language New York: Harper One, pp. 1-54. (translated by Peter D. Hurst, first published in 1971).
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Speaking through the voice of another IV – project space

I have created a website which features some of the ‘process’ and ‘practice’ leading up to the latest work I have create with Zalfa Feghali.  I will be presenting this work in process at the Making and Unmaking event (see below) on Saturday 29th January. (see header image above of myself, Lee Cambell and Zalfa, present on CD performing)

Follow this link:  http://voiceofanother.tumblr.com/

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Transversation continues

Heather Connelly will continue to develop this series of experimental/performative works with Zalfa Feghali (see New Research Trajectories page) for the Beyond Text: Making and Unmaking Event (AHRC student initiative) on 27-29th January 2011 at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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An Intensive Period of Practice

I have just managed to update this blog/website after an incredible few months of making work for various conferences and projects.  You can read more about the works by clicking on international projects for information about new work that I made in Estonia or on  collaborative projects for update on the recent New Research Trajectories event.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed, helped and collaborated with me in order to make this happen!  I will be putting a more detailed explanation/documentation of the Estonian project on my website in the New Year.

I would also like to thank everyone for responding to the questions I set (which was featured in my previous post) and I look forward to developing works based upon the responses in 2011!

Merry Christmas everyone – my Estonian snowy scenes feel very ‘normal’ now, as the UK has been white since I returned!  best wishes Heather

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Translating in Action

I am inviting interested translators and interpreters to take part in my research and collaborate/work on some experimental art projects via the net.

I am using the term translation to refer to both activities/professions.

I have a set of questions that I have been asking various translators, interpreters and bilingual subjects about personal experience and relationships with translation and I would be grateful if you had the time to answer some of them:

How would you describe your relationship with it?

Can you describe the process of translation? subjectively and any specific conditions/procedures you put into place?

What do you think happens in this gap that you inhabit?

Are there any particular characteristics about the languages you translate?

What is the most important thing about translation for you?

Thank you – Heather


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